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School Nursery

“WE” is a worthy contributor to the Pradhanmantri School nursery Yojana project undertaken for the first time in the Aurangabad district of the Maharashtra State. The NGO has provided the Polythene bags and seeds to the Schools for creation of the School level nurseries. Every child in the school is given the ownership of the tree along with the teachers and school administration. The schools maintain the nurseris for the entire year and in the rainy season the trees are planted in the nearby premises. This scheme has been successfully implemented in nearly 150 schools on Aurangabad district.

Home Nurseries


As an NGO, our successful initiative for promoting home nurseries has been to provide training and resources to interested individuals and communities. Through workshops and online tutorials, we teach people how to create and maintain their own home nurseries, even with limited space or resources. We also provide seeds, soil, and other necessary supplies to get started. By promoting the benefits of home gardening, including improved health and wellbeing and reduced environmental impact, we hope to encourage more people to create their own green spaces and contribute to a healthier planet.

Plant Trees Online

"We" introduces an innovative and convenient initiative called "Plant a Tree Online," designed to engage and inspire individuals to actively participate in afforestation efforts. Through this platform, donors can make a significant environmental impact from the comfort of their homes. By covering the expenses of a tree, they empower us to handle the crucial aspects of planting and nurturing it, ensuring its healthy growth until maturity.

In appreciation of their support, we maintain a strong connection with our donors by providing periodic updates. We share the tree's exact coordinates, allowing donors to witness the positive transformation they've initiated. Additionally, we send them pictures showcasing the tree's progress, from its initial planting stages to its flourishing presence in the environment.

"Plant a Tree Online" serves as a testament to our commitment to sustainability and demonstrates our dedication to fostering a greener planet. By encouraging widespread involvement, we hope to build a united front in combatting deforestation and promoting ecological balance. We invite everyone to join us in this transformative journey towards a healthier, more sustainable future for generations to come.

Member Nurseries

The members of the group have voluntarily consented to use the vacant spaces in their residence, factories and commercial premises for creation of group nurseries. Prominent members like Shri Ravi Divekar (Divekar Auto) has facilitated the group by voluntarily creating the nursery in the workshop premises. These 2000 saplings are nurtured round the year till the next season and are planned to be used for Monsoon plantation drives.

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