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About Us

“WE”…We for Environment is a registered NGO established in 2015 promoting sustainable green cover, biodiversity, environmental conservation, eco-friendly technologies, and a nature-loving society. We focus on tree plantation and maintenance in Aurangabad district in association with citizen groups, social organizations, and government institutions. With over 300 active volunteers, we have extensive experience in afforestation and expertise.

Our head office is located in Jawahar Colony, Aurangabad, and our volunteers come from various backgrounds. Ms. Meghna Badjate is our full-time working president, and we coordinate our efforts through social media. Every volunteer is committed to spreading the green mission and contributes actively and logistically to achieve our goals of creating a sustainable and eco-friendly society that values and protects our environment.

Who WE are?

Image by Imat Bagja Gumilar

What WE do?


“WE”…We for Environment is a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Aurangabad that focuses on tree plantation and maintenance activities in the city. The group’s core committee plans and shares the action on social media for people to meet at various locations for tree plantation on specific occasions. WE takes complete responsibility for the trees and ensures yearlong maintenance. Ownership of the trees is transferred to local groups, and the green mission is spreading.

The NGO has created successful local plantation models and has done phenomenal work in the School Nursery Yojana. They use continuous innovation and indigenous materials to ensure 100% tree survival.

“WE”…We for Environment’s Green Summer 2018 campaign has caught the attention of Aurangabad residents and brought in new green crusaders. The NGO participates in the Dense Forest Project funded and promoted by the corporate sector.

“WE”…We for Environment aims to spread greenery and peace in people’s lives. The tree-lined city roads remain a distant dream, but the NGO is working to make it a reality. Their efforts are slowly but surely making a difference in creating a green city.

Our Aim



Increase in Green Cover of Aurangabad District to upto 33%.


Community Participation in Trees Plantation & Sustenance.


Inculcate spirit of Greenery among students.


Working in close association with Govt, Industry & institutions.


Innovation in Plantation & Sustenance Methodologies.


Reduction of Carbon Footprint.


Ownership of Planted Trees.


Patronage to Villages.


Enhanced Forest Cover over adjacent mountains & foothills.


Low Cost Tree Plantation & Sustenance Technologies.

Future Plans

  1. Partnership with Government: “WE” proudly announces that its founder president Ms. Meghna Badjate has been nominated as an NGO expert for carrying out study and provide recommendations to the government of Maharashtra under the Anandwan Project of Miyawaki Dense forest plantation. There has been a government resolution (GR Dated 15th January 2019 by the Revenue & Forest department) to nominate hers along with Principal Chief Conservator of Forests , Dr Sheetal Amte (CEO – Anandwan – Chandrapur) and other forest officials. The commendable work under the tropical dense Forest done by the NGO has thereby received wide acclamation.

  2. Partnership with Corporate Sector: The Corporate Sector can join us under this green national movement for mainstreaming Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for sustained inclusiveness as part of its social development agenda. The Indian Industry has been working towards social development by engaging with the government, community and civil society in matter of social, ecological and environmental concerns. On the same lines, we would like to eagerly invite your participation in the Green Mission by being worthy contributors in Dense Forest Projects and Other Green initiatives.

  3. Public Participation: The people are invited to join us through social media and work in a concerted manner in daily green initiatives. Every green volunteer  committed to spread the green mission can contribute in his/her own capacity actively and logistically.

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