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Trees Planted




Hours of Work

What We Does?

“We”…We for environment is a registered NGO working in creation of sustainable green cover, increase of social awareness about environmental conservation

Our Projects

We undertake tree plantation and maintenance in association with citizen groups, social organizations and government institutions activities in Aurangabad

Join Us

At ‘WE’, we invite you to contribute in any form, capacity and expertise to support us in our green cover enhancement projects.

“We”…We For Environment

The heart beats for the pleasant and wishes for peace amidst the chaos.

The smile dies down with every tree that falls.
“WE” our NGO is the place where you can help change this norm. For “WE”, it lets come together to amplify energy’s and passion towards a vision that is aimed at by many and is a dream for plant.


Creating a place to express my love for Nature; joining individuals with like-minded patient souls to have efficacy in every action WE take…

Mrs. Meghna Badjate

Founder President

We started our NGO “We” We For Environment to save the living entity from increasing pollution due to modern life style. It’s purpose of my existence and my life

Mr. Kamalkumar Pahade

Vice President

I believe that we take everything from Nature, it’s our duty to return back. ‘We’ is a platform to live this dream

Mr. Neeraj Badjate


We for Environment has changed my definition of Joy. All friends with Single aim of Tree Plantation in simple words All Together; WE Aim for Plantations and Survival of trees in Aurangabad

Mr. Atul Yawlekar





Ready to Make a Change?

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